What is the significance of the tree logo? This is not just an ordinary tree. It is a Sequoia. If you have ever visited these amazing trees in California, you have learned of their strength, stability, and resiliency. Our corporate values parallel the giant Sequoia:




Sequoia Tree

A mature sequoia tree's roots can go as deep as 20 feet, occupy over 1 acre of earth, and contain over 90,000 cubic feet of soil. The trees grow close together. Their matted roots intertwine and serve as a support system of stability and strength.

City Creek Construction

City Creek is deeply rooted in the community. We believe solid relationships with clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors provide a foundation of strength that binds us as a team to deliver outstanding projects.


Sequoia Tree

Sequoias grow tall and straight up to nearly 300 feet tall and they weigh nearly 2 million pounds.

City Creek Construction

We stand tall, bold, and true - always striving to do the right thing and make the right choices for our business and especially for our clients. Honesty, integrity, trust and doing what we say we will do has built for us a solid reputation.



Sequoia Tree

Sequoias are one of the world's hardiest trees. They can withstand high winds and extreme temperature shifts. They are incredibly strong. Their bark is up to 3 feet thick making them resistant to fire, fungal rot, and wood-boring beetles.

City Creek Construction

City Creek is flexible and adaptable. We are prepared to meet challenges with commitment, excellence, and cost-effective solutions. We become stronger with every new opportunity.


Sequoia Tree

Sequoias grow until the day they die. They get taller and stronger with every passing year up to 3,200 years old.

City Creek Construction

City Creek is 22 years old with many great years ahead. We look for ways to get better - continually growing, learning, and improving, to give our clients premier construction services every day.



Sequoia Tree

Fire is the most important agent that helps Sequoia trees reseed. Flames from fire create heat for pinecones to dry out and burst open, spewing seeds that find their way in fertile soil to sprout and grow.

City Creek Construction

We don't wait for the heat to pressure us into being responsive. When we see a need or opportunity, we are proactive to work hard and build trust so new and valued relationships can take root and flourish.


Sequoia Tree

Those who visit the giant Sequoias are impressed with what they see. They never forget the experience.

City Creek Construction

Our goal is to make positive impacts and lasting impressions through all aspects of our business. As a 5-star contractor, we lead construction experiences that are memorable and unforgettable.


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