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There is tremendous value in what people say about their construction experience with a general contractor. Wouldn't you like to work with a 5-star contractor? Following are reviews from our clients:


City Creek Construction have built several of our projects… recently and notably the stunning expansion and renovation of Prime Insurance. Thanks for the integrity and attention to detail.

Tracy Stocking, President/Managing Partner, T.S.A. Architects

If you want to find a construction company that cares about details as much as you do, look no further. We have worked with City Creek Construction on multiple projects. We could not be happier with the results.

J.D. Brown, C.I.O. Prime Insurance

City Creek Construction is a very reputable business with quality subcontractors and have mastered their niche in construction. City Creek's team has an eye for detail, a commitment to quality, and passion for each project, which allow them to be flexible with their customer's needs and efficient with their delivery. I highly recommend soliciting a bid from City Creek Construction on your next construction project. 

Brian Bisk, Director of Operations, Wall 2 Wall Commercial Flooring

I am impressed with how much pride they take in their work and how they make sure that I am completely satisfied. I would even pay more to work with City Creek because I know the quality will be where it needs to be which in the end actually saves money.

Kirk Miller, President/C.E.O., Sustainable Environments

The team at City Creek Construction built our office space at Vertical Sight and it is amazing. Nearly every client that comes in our agency remarks on what a cool space it is. Their quality is second to none.

Kennie Christiansen, President/Owner, Vertical Sight

I have worked with City Creek Construction as a subcontractor on many different projects and i am very impressed with their knowledge and concern for the owner of the project as well as me the contractor.

Trav Mills, Sprinkler Branch Manager, Chaparral Fire Protection

Having worked with City Creek Construction, I have firsthand knowledge of the expertise and commitment they show in making sure each job is completed to its fullest potential. They have been great to work with and I recommend them for your next construction project.

Ryker Harding, Project Manager/Estimator, Henriksen Butler

Experience with both tenant improvement and ground-up construction. They also do a good job early on, in the conceptual phase on a project to provide preliminary guidance on numbers and design. Very organized and thorough.

Brandon Wood, President/Principal Broker, Utah Property Investors

City Creek Construction are real professionals from start to finish. Construction can be complicated, and competitively building things is hard. You find out what people are made of when you face challenges together. In my experience, they have always been fair, honest and responsive in both easy and challenging time alike. It is for this reason that I never hesitate to recommend City Creek to my friends and customers.

Josh Goodwin, Project Manager/Estimator, Morgan Asphalt

Excellent company with high quality standards. I would recommend City Creek to any of my family, friends or customers. I have worked as a subcontractor for City Creek on multiple jobs and have seen how they work. They don't cut corners.

Paul Sutherland, President, Rosewood Painting Inc.

I have worked with City Creek Construction on many projects for almost 20 years now. Quality work. Quality people. Couldn't recommend them more.

Bob Goudy, V.P. of Service Operations, J.P. Electrical

Want the most reliable contractor? City Creek Construction. Want the best punch list? City Creek Construction. Want the best payables? City Creek Construction.

Kimberly Jeffs-Bugby, Systems Integration Analyst/Business Analyst,

Woodbury Corporation

Always professional and take care of their customers as well as their subcontractors. We have done many jobs with City Creek and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jim Weddington, Owner, J.P. Electrical

I have worked on several projects with City Creek over the years. They are a company that you can rely on to get the job done right, and they are easy to work with.

John Longman, Owner, E & R Painting

City Creek Construction is great to work with and they do quality work. I would highly recommend them.

Cody Kelley, Operations Manager, J.M. Mechanical

City Creek Construction does outstanding work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for construction needs!

Mitch McCann, Senior Estimator, Capitol Commercial Glazing

Highly recommendable, honest and detail-oriented construction company.

Tyler Cella, Owner, C & C Contractors, Inc.

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