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Construction Site Superintendent

Location: North Salt Lake City, UT - with travel to worksite within Salt Lake or Davis County, UT.

Compensation: Negotiable, depending on experience.

Benefits: Health insurance, paid time off.

Superintendent Core Competencies:

  • Lead, motivate and inspire subcontractors to complete work effectively

  • Excellent organizational skills, paperwork back up, etc. documentation, daily logs

  • Excellent communication skills, good listener, sets clear expectations, can lead a meeting, can interview for future work

  • Values relationships and works hard to build trust and confidence

  • Can deliver projects on schedule and on budget with high quality

  • Reliable, keeps promises, honors commitments, respected, trusted

  • Confident, Positive attitude, even-keel disposition, can be firm when needed, gets along with others

  • A team player

  • Expert in reading plans and following them precisely

Other Helpful Skills/Experience:

  • Ability to create schedules in Microsoft Project or comparable program is highly preferred

  • Experience specifically in schools, university projects, multifamily

Chief Estimator

Location: North Salt Lake City, UT

Compensation: Negotiable, depending on experience.

Benefits: Health insurance, paid time off.


  • 3-6 years of construction estimating experience.

  • Bachelor’s degree in construction management or construction-related field.

  • Strong ability with quantity take-offs.

  • Ability in organizing, analyzing, and pricing information.

  • Excellent working relationships with subcontractors.

  • Excellent customer service skills.

  • Excellent management skills in meeting bidding deadlines.

  • Ability to work under pressure and coordinate with key team members.

  • Ability to lead meetings, present estimates, value engineering ideas and approaches.

Responsibilities, Knowledge, and Skills:

  1. Prepare estimates and support information for potential projects.

  2. Provides value engineering and life cycle cost options for review with owners.

  3. Performs quantity take-offs, organizes, prices, and analyzes information.

  4. Solicits bids and quotes from subcontractors and suppliers.

  5. Looks for creative, innovative, and strategic approaches to win projects.

  6. Communicates with subs and suppliers to clarify pricing information.

  7. Understands, prepares, and analyzes estimate formats in general conditions, general bidding, quantity takeoffs and bid analysis.

  8. Is responsible for managing the bid process and preparation of the bid for submittal.

  9. Attends owner meetings during estimate development and OAC meetings as need.

  10. Prepares detailed schedules for proposed projects.



  1. Has integrity and is ethical and honest in personal conduct and all business interactions.

  2. Effective written, verbal and presentation skills in follow up with clients, owners, and subcontractors.

  3. Excellent knowledge of general construction practices, methods, best practices.

  4. Working knowledge of scheduling software, Builder Trend (or equivalent), Microsoft Office Suite, and CostX or other estimating/take off program.

  5. Ability to operate office equipment (computer, printer, phone, copier).

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